What is a Transaction Coordinator and why do I need one? ​

A transaction Coordinator oversees and coordinates all details involved in closing a real estate transaction - on both the list and sale side. Our coordinators will manage the documents and facilitate communication with all parties of the transaction including Title, Lender, Co-Agent, Buyer/Seller, and Brokerage. Using a Transaction Coordinator allows the Agent to focus time and attention on growing and balancing a business, all the while knowing that the administrative needs of the existing contracts are being handled. ​

How is a Transaction Coordinator different from an Assistant? 

A transaction Coordinator functions very similarly to an assistant. Many, if not all, of the functions are the same. The benefits, however, of using Daily80 is as follows:

  • Fully Trained Coordinators

  • No Payroll, Benefits or HR Issues 

  • No Sick Days or PTO

  • You only pay us when you need us!

I have an Assistant in my office already. Do I still need a Transaction Coordinator?

Yes! Your Assistant is really busy and their time is just as limited and valuable as yours! Using a Transaction Coordinator can relieve your Assistant of the administrative tasks that come with an Executive Assistant. This frees up your Assistant to focus their time on marketing, prospecting, pre-listings, client conversion, social media and much more! Daily80 has also paired with busy Assistants to handle some of their transaction overflow. During those busy months, we can take any number of contracts above what they are able to personally handle! We do not require a minimum number of files per month!

What if I'm not in the same location as Daily80?

Daily80 works remotely, which means wherever you may be located, we can handle your files! Everything we do is done online for your convenience. 

What do I need to do to start a transaction with Daily80?

To start a transaction with Daily80, begin by registering as a new agent on the New Agent Registration tab. Once you have completed the form, a Daily80 team member will contact you to determine your exact needs. If you are already registered with Daily80, follow the link for the appropriate transaction/listing.

How does Daily80 receive payment

Payment is received by Daily80, once the job is done! Payment for listings will be invoiced once your listing has been completed and payment for contract to close will be paid at closing. If property does not close, no contract to close fee is charged.* We have a team motto where if the agent doesn't get paid, either do we. 

How do I know that everything will get done? 

The most asked question and the most important! We know that it is your name and reputation on the line (it is ours, too!). Daily80 uses a highly structured management system to set a timeline of all the administrative tasks that need to be performed. We know that it is hard to simply turn over the process, therefore, we communicate with the agents thoroughly and frequently so they know what to expect. The Agent is cc'd on all communication so you are never out of the loop. We prefer to communicate via email as much as possible for two reasons: 1) to maintain Agent involvement and 2) to keep documentation of all communication. After one or two times through a contract, our Agents feel confident in our process and reap the benefits of being able to "let go!"

What if the transaction falls through? Do I still have to pay Daily80?

We work with you for the smoothest of transactions, but unfortunately sometimes contracts fall apart. Depending on how far we are into the transaction, generally there is no charge. If there has been an unusual amount of work done, we will negotiate a fair rate with the Agent.*

I work with a high producing team. How many contracts can you handle per month?

Daily80 has a staff of highly skilled coordinators ready to handle whatever your team needs! Our goal is to help your business grow!